Saturday 29 April 2017

Sally's Bugle Snowflake

It isn't often you get a snowflake named after you, but the one that Jane has just designed has been, and I am so chuffed.  She is right, I like to see bugle beads in tatting, but at times they can be annoying especially if there is a sharp edge on one them and it cuts the thread whilst in the middle of making something.

These are my snowflakes and yes I did find the new technique a wee bit difficult to start off with, but here are a few helpful hints before you start.   Don't attempt this pattern late at night.  Don't start it and then go and do something else either! But the best advice is that when you have all the safety pins on and start going around to each of the points and taking the pins out, be very very careful you do not twist the piece of work and go out of sequence.   This happened on my first snowflake (one shown in the picture) and it is very easily done as you are so excited to get going with the pattern after achieving the middle bit.  Also on the top one I miss counted when it came to the last round, but 'practice makes perfect' and so will be making more.

And in case you don't know what I am talking about, this is the pattern now on Jane's blog.


  1. Big Sisters are the best. Love your flakes.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I do intend to use this pattern, sooner or later. Sounds tricky but very effective!

  3. I've had a shuttle named after me, but not a snowflake! You have such a creative sister!

  4. If anyone deserves a snowflake named for her, you do! They are marvelous!

  5. It's such a stylish snowflake! - I've been watching Jane's blog to see it's progress. But with all those Bugle beads, does it keep it's shape when you hang it on something? I'm wondering about the weight. Bugle beads come in short lengths as well, but then it perhaps wouldn't be quite as elegant. I love the Art-Deco look of this one.

    1. Yes it does keep its shape Maureen and the pattern gives instructions for smaller bugle beads it is just a matter of altering the stitch count for the size of the beads.


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