Thursday, 27 July 2017

Back to Tatting Mats

I am never quite sure what to call these mats, should they be doilies?  A doily to me is a pretty piece of paper that you put underneath a cake.   Of course you can do this with many the tatted mats but some of them are far too big for that purpose.  The translation on Renulek's blog usually says napkin, which again is very different from how I would class a napkin.  So I am calling them tatted mats.   Renulek has over the years designed some wonderful mats and in 2014 I went quite crazy and began at least four, so in the last few days have picked up one of them to continue with, as you can see  I have just started adding the cream the grey was tatted three years ago.

Because my time is very limited at the moment to get any craft work done, especially tatting, I find this a good way of being able to pick a piece up and continue with it during the odd spare moment.   However, my biggest fear is that when the project becomes larger I will loose interest, we will see!


  1. Gorgeous color combo! I aven't done too many mats, as you call them, but I get so excited when it's near the end that I find a lot of drive to finish them.

  2. Very attractive. I think it looks finished now!

  3. Isn't it great that you can pick up where you left off? Looking quite good.

  4. Looking good, whatever you want to call it!

  5. Look beautiful. I think this one, may be close to a table cloth, for a small table.

  6. Ah! This must be one of the Edelweiss mats you were talking about; nice!

    1. Thanks Fox I did not know it was called Edelweiss, must give it its proper name next time


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