Thursday 5 October 2017

Emergency Supplies

So regret starting this doily but I am now getting on fine with it, just have a few false starts on every round as I attempt to get the pattern and tension right.   I do have a variety of balls of green but found myself running out of the essential colours so went to e.bay to get these emergency supplies. Really needed to match the colours and not be too random with them.

I am particularly fond of the two balls of green on the right and look forward to using them in the future with another project.

But here is the doily so far which is taking up so much of my time.

The next picture you will see is of it finished.  Hurrah!


  1. Looks great, I admire your talents with colors. I am a color chicken!

  2. Great colours! And beautiful tatting!

  3. This is a study in perseverance! But it's so attractive! I look forward to seeing the finished design, but if you hadn't agreed to a certain size, this would be fine as is! It's really mesmerizing in these colors, with the dark center. Glad you found the emergency thread!

  4. I too love green and the two on the right as well! your doily is coming to and end and very beautiful too!

  5. You have done a wonderful job on it and it looks awesome!!! :)

  6. Good find on e-bay! Your doily is looking wonderful.


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