Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Having a break from Tatting

Sometimes you need a break from things, call it a holiday (vacation), respite, whatever.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy tatting but I was finding the time I spent doing it very limiting. I needed to do other crafts, so  decided on a bit of knitting, haven't knitted for years.  The aim is to knit a throw. I am in no hurry either, was going to crochet one but the wool I have is a little diverse and did not think it would look good if used for crocheting. Below are the two plain colours to start the project.

The picture does not show the true colour it is a dull lilac and the pattern is Harebell.

Again this green is dark but probably not as dark as the picture and is knitted in Daisy Stitch. The aim is to knit lots of strips like this in different patterns and then join them together. I will have to crochet around the edge, but expecting this project to last at least a year!  Need to return to tatting at some point!  As I said just taking a break!


  1. They both look great! I love the stitch on the bottom one. N’handicape to believe the top one is lilac though....

  2. I like the daisy stitch. Sounds an interesting project.

  3. I like the colour! and am in full agreement about doing other things from time to time. I thi k we all do that, In all the years since I first learned to tat I have always knitted. But one day I will have to stop, I can tell, because of creeping arthritis. I usually tat in the morning for a bit, and evenings are for knitting.

  4. Your knitting is beautiful! I like your idea of knitting strips in different patterns. A year sounds about right to me.


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