Friday, 26 April 2019

Where has this month gone?!

April has been manic for me and therefore decided to have today off work mainly to tidy and the clean the house!  Still a lot to do but decided to have a break to show you some pictures of the items people created at the Craft Evening at the beginning of the month.

'Im in the garage' cut out some geckos and crafters had a lot of fun either burning designs in them or trying their hand at painting.  I am already starting to plan for the next Craft Evening in July.  

As we all know if you enjoy doing crafts it creates its own stack of equipment and materials.  At the moment we are hoping to extend the church so that there is more room for activities especially has most of the time the building is shared with a pre-school.  It is a standing joke that I am asking for a Craft room, not going to get one,  but people are getting used to the office being a storage place for Crafts in progress! 


  1. They are gorgeous and love this project he is a fun creature for all kinds of designs 🦋

  2. Very true gecko's are fun and these are designed to hang on door handles.

  3. They are so CUTE! :)

  4. Hi Sally, you could, of course, tat a long chain and give it together with some glue and get an artistic person to decorate a gecko with the tatting.


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