Monday, 5 August 2019

Time to start tatting again

So have had a very long break from doing any tatting, the longest in 10 years, but feel I would like to get back to my shuttles now.  This is what I spent months doing and what any tatting was abandoned for. 

It is a throw for a sofa bed, only I can't show you it as the room needs decorating first!  The panels are different patterns with a crocheted border.  I choose the colours to correspond with the outer edge.  

It is going to seem very odd picking up shuttles after using knitting needles and a crochet hook!


  1. Wow! That's beautiful! Very impressive.

  2. Lovely. I do like the way you’ve used different stitches. Enjoy your tatting now!

  3. Vibrant and gorgeous!! you certainly have a thing with colours - so well coordinated. Good job!


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