Thursday, 13 August 2020

Sunflowers and Daisies

 I love to see sunflowers as they a so big and bold and just remind you of smiley Summer faces. Each year I grow some with limited success, what usually happens is they get blown over whilst they are trying to make a break for the sun!  

A red sunflower as well as a yellow one!

Using the daisy pattern here they are tatted



  1. So pretty, real and tatted! At least your tatted ones won’t fall over.

  2. I love both the real flowers and the tatted ones!

  3. We have fields of sunflowers here in South Carolina. I think the farmers grow them for the seeds. I know where there are fields miles long. Love your tatted ones. On buttons! I never think to use buttons. Wonderful!

    1. What a wonderful sight those fields must be. I love tatting with buttons Tim.


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