Monday, 9 November 2020

Butterfly Snowflake

 I tatted these before the pandemic hit the world and then forgot about them until Jane showed them on her blog a few weeks ago.   I knew as a loyal sister it was not right to post them until they had been properly launched and she had published the pattern, so held back, even though I just loved the design. My intention was to tat a lot more of them but everything changed in my life and for everyone else! 

Definitely a snowflake that I can tat for friends as Christmas approaches.  


  1. Will lockdown give you time to tat some more? Very pretty.

    1. Yes Jane it will, but I need to do some major tidying up first!
      I wonder how you manage to keep from getting in a mess with all the crafts you do.

  2. Love those snowflakes, you are a good sister.


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