Tuesday 23 May 2023

Just popped in to say 'Hello'

There are many reasons I have not kept up this blog, one being that I have to now recover the email that was originally used to set it up, so not exactly sure if any comments will be seen or recovered.  The other is that I keep up numerous facebook accounts (other groups) plus twitter and instagram so not much room in my life to blog!

However, a comment from Maureen on my sister's blog has prompted me to post the dress we have each bought and how we have embellished it with a bit of tatting. 


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  2. Good to see you! And your dress.

  3. It's so good to 'see' you again. The dress looks fantastic with the added tatting - very pretty.

  4. It’s very good to “ see” you again Sally! I know that lots off people are moving to alternative platforms like instagram now, when all the blogs began these other venues weren’t as round.
    Your dress is looking lovely,I wonder what colours Jane will choose for hers?

  5. It’s really good to “ see “ you again Sally, and I like your dress. I know that lots of people have migrated to other online platforms now, I do follow some on instagram, but apart from keeping up with my children and grandchildren I never go there.
    I am wondering what colours Jane will choose for her dress?


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