Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Fly Away Give Away

This photograph was taken whilst visiting family this weekend. The hot air balloon has just taken off and I managed to get a reflection of it in the water. So I thought you might like to see it. So that's my "fly away" part of the post.

Since becoming a member of “tatting blog land” I have been so impressed by all the lovely work that you clever people have been doing, there is so much talent out there and it is good to share, especially the patterns. That’s where I fall short, because I find it such an effort writing the instructions down for an item that I have created. I tend to memorise what I’m doing at the time, thinking that it will stay in my head, then all too soon I quickly move onto another project and of course forget what I have been doing. I suppose that is being lazy, but it’s often the case that I just don’t have the time to do it properly so I end up not doing it at all!

The other thing that has been so amazing is “blog giveaways” – now the rules for these can often confuse me! But generally all you have to do is comment on the blog, and the sheer generosity of the blogger is enough to make you want to say something. It is lovely to see the delighted recipients of the splendid giveaways write about their lucky wins. Also I’m pleased it keeps our postal systems going especially as we are using our computers such a great deal these days. I have given serious thought to what I could give away via the blog, but there is nothing that I posses that someone could possibly want! Unless you count the odd sermon!!! – No probably not.

So in the meantime to abide with the rules for “Aileen’s Wicked Tats” I will publicise her Give Away which is a bit of a mystery! A Hallowversary Mystery Giveaway

And of course I could not end this blog without mentioning Sherry’s Give Away Lady Shuttlemaker only it’s her parrot Mojo I want to win! Perhaps he can fly over here to the UK!
Anyway good luck everyone, and thanks to all the generous bloggers who give so much away in time and talent.


  1. Well said, Sally! They so deserve acknowledgment, and you addressed that beautifully!

    Fox : )

  2. You captured the hot air balloon is perfect symmetry to nature - a rare and lovely treat! I hope you frame it and hang it somewhere to inspire you.

    I loved poring over the larger image of your rainbow doily. So much work to make it in size 80. You did an amazing job!

    Thanks for sharing and keep those posts coming! As ever, I remain a big fan of your writings.

  3. You certainly were "at the right place at the right time..." to take that photo, weren't you!We had in our family, an eccentric old uncle who loved taking pictures. His most memorable - and the one that is still talked about, years and years after his death - was of a patch of dirt, with "squiggles " in it. Uncle Terence was very proud of that one, he said that it was a picture of a snake he'd found in the backyard - just a split second AFTER the snake had slithered away!
    Blog giveaways are great fun - but I don't have a blog!!

  4. Lovely picture, Sally. Did you do a print of it? I would!

  5. That is, indeed, a lovely photo. What we use to call in Photography classes as a "happy accident" because of the spontaneity of the piece. Bev

  6. Thanks Fox - its true I've been well impressed by everyone in this "tatting community"

    Isdihara - such praise, really don't deserve this, blogging is all Jane's fault, she forced me to do it!!! Do you know I will have to get this picture printed now - instead of leaving it on a computer.

    Maureen - I can relate to your uncle! You should have a blog and then we can all see your new house.

    Val - the print is coming, and a large one!

    Ridgetatter - The photo was taken from our Dads (including Jane in this) back garden. "Happy accident" I like that, a lot of luck aswell!

  7. That photo is awesome! Very cool. I've enjoyed visiting your blog since you started it. I'm with you on the falling short on getting them written down. I need to work on that, too!

    ~TattingChic ♥

  8. Lovely photo and yes tatland is wonderful, aren't you glad you came.


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