Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Today in the Christian church is the feast of St. Michael and all Angels. Michael the Archangel, Captain of the Host of Heaven who fought against Satan and his evil angels and cast them out of Paradise.

Not sure which particular angel this one is though! It certainly has remained in my heaven, so it must be a good angel! According to Mark Myers (AKA Tatman) it is called Patty's Angel, from his book Tatted Gathering of Angels, but sorry Mark it had a bit of a "make over" whilst in paradise, I added a few beads and omitted the heart in the centre.

A photograph of some Michaelmas daisies, I went for a walk yesterday and photographed these, they were in someone’s front garden.Though not really a daisy at all, but an aster (and named after the ancient Greek word for star: ‘astron’), a late-bloomer that flowers in September and early October and called Michaelmas daisies because they are at their prime at Michaelmas Day.

The one Michaelmas custom that survives to this day is that you should not eat blackberries after the 29th of September. There is a very good reason for this custom, namely that by this time of year blackberries are tasteless and watery. Although according to an old legend, it is because Satan, when banished from Heaven fell into a blackberry bush and cursed the brambles as he fell into them. It is also said that at this point the devil spat on the blackberries and they became poisonous so they are not to be picked or eaten after this date.

These particular blackberries were photographed by a church, and as you can see there are some yet to ripen. But of course its too late to pick them now!

In medieval times the four quarter days were important holy days, namely: Christmas (25th Dec), Lady Day (25th March), Midsummer Day (24th July) and Michaelmas they were also the basis for financial calculations, and loosely coincide with the summer and winter solstices, and the spring and autumnal equinox.
It is very autumnal here in England and the trees are starting to look particularly beautiful especially where I live on the edge of the New Forest. I am half way through tatting a leaf and hope to get it finished soon, but don't hold your breath!


  1. Thank you for the Michaelmas learning time! Sorry, it's about 1:30AM here and I couldn't think of what else to call it. I have always had a lot of reverence for Michael the Archangel, but didn't know there was a Michaelmas or even all of these traditions.
    So, is it "kosher" (ha ha) to say "happy Michaelmas!" or is it "Merry Michaelmas"? LOL! ;)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  2. Very interesting. I always look forward to your posts. Don't mention angels to me - you know why!!!! Nothing to do with Christianity or anything!! Bring me bad 'vibes' at the moment!!!!!!

  3. I am fond of St Michael too, he makes me feel safe! Lovely angel - I like the golden halo. I've been to the New Forest, I still have rather nightmare-ish memories of a picnic just outside Brockenhurst, which was suddenly invaded by a horde of fat little ponies! - and later on, meeting them while strolling on the pavement in the town!

  4. Thank you for the interesting post about Michaelmas customs. The purple daisy are very pretty!

    Your angel looks beautiful, the color of thread looks very good for this angel with a perfect touch of gold.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and always leaving such nice comments.

    Have a great day!

  5. .....could it be....!?! Fox : ))

  6. Oh, what interesting lore! And you actually have blackberries this time of year? I think ours are long long gone, or maybe I'm thinking of raspberries.

    A sweet angel - clearly in good company!

  7. Hi TattingChic well I've never received any of those greetings for Michaelmas before! - but why not thanks! Hope you got asleep eventually

    Yes Jane, I know what you are talking about!!!!

    Hi Maureen, the ponies do sort of take over the the NF, but thats their home, its when you come across them in the dark that its the most

    Gina the blackberries grow wild in many hedgerows here. They taste particularly nice with stewed apples.

    Hi Carol, I have framed this angel - this daisy reminds me of the first house we lived in there were loads of them in the front garden, it is pretty but I have the feeling it can get out of control!!!

    Thanks Fox for visting, you are an angel!

  8. Oh what lovely remembrances brought back into my mind. Thank you!
    It is a lovely time in the church-year. Best Wishes, Bev

  9. NICE adaptation of my angel pattern :-D I like the colors you chose.
    Mark, aka Tatman

  10. It is a lovely time of the Church year Bev and a busy one as we approach November a time of remembrance and of course Advent and Christmas.

    Mark - I always feel bad about altering peoples patterns as I know how much work went into the original, but this is about the third time I tatted it and by then I think you are allowed!!!

  11. The angel is beautiful and Michael is one of my favorite angels. I guess it's okay to have favorites. I love all the information and the other pictures. Thank you for sharing with us.


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