Sunday 10 January 2010

The Big Freeze!

We are still in the grip of freezing weather, which means that many events have been cancelled and schools have been closed.

This icicle I designed some years ago (the dove is carrying it on my blog header). Since I have now discovered how to cover rings, it would perhaps look better if I covered the ring it is attached to.

Here is Jon's "Magic Moment Snowflake" very appropriate for the weather outside! It's a lovely pattern, thank you Jon for your generosity in sharing it. Here is the link

I have only seen this pattern tatted with variegated thread, instead I have used two plain colours.

Here is a picture taken from space a few days ago of the "big freeze"

And here is a picture of the church I conducted a service in this morning.
The village where it is situated is called Chilworth - and it was very chilly!

And so because of the "big freeze" my husband has been unable to make any more shuttles, although I'm going to have to show you some pictures of them soon! They do have a very catchy name and I'm busy getting the package inserts done for them.

Sorry just a little bit longer to wait!


  1. Chilworth! How appropriate! Lovely old church!

    The snowflakes look great in two plain colours. I think I will tat the pattern in that way - when I get around to it. Checked my folder; there sits the download.... Maybe soon!
    Fox : )

  2. Oooops, forgotten that icicle! Was I supposed to put the pattern on my web site? Sheesh, lass, get yourself a better sister.
    I love the motif (red and green) in plain colours. Shows the design up magnificently.

  3. Lovely snow! I know it's chilly, but it's so pretty!

    And I agree with Jane and Fox - the plain colors look great on the snowflake. Shows off its bones beautifully.

  4. That picture from space is wonderful!Want to swap ice for heat? Here in Qld we don't get the high temps that the southern states do, but it's far worse - you cannot get dry after a shower, the humidity is oppressive and gives me migraines.....but at least I can hide away in the airconditioning!
    I love your plain snowflake too. The design shows up so much better in plain thread.
    It's nice to have something to look forward to - quite funny, that tatters will be wanting the ice to melt so that the shuttlemaker will be able to return to duty!

  5. Please put me on the list for one of those shuttles when they come "on-line"! Like Jane my favourites are Aero Englands so can't wait to see the new ones............
    waiting patiently (well - no not really - jumping up and down in anticipation!).

  6. are they post style or bobbin style shuttles that are being made?

  7. Hi Fox - Chilworth is from the Saxon meaning "cold farm" so yes it does live up to its name. The pattern is fun to make and very clever.
    Hi Jane you did promise many years ago, no worries, perhaps it needs a revamp now, will look at it again sometime.
    Hi Crazy Mom - thats about all you can say about this weather its pretty!
    Hi Maureen - yes oh yes please, would love to swap ice for heat! Though sorry the humidity gives you migraines.
    Its so annoying that we are so close to production of the shuttles and then the bad weather stops everything.
    Hi Trayna - My favourites are also Aero Englands, and these new shuttles are in the same vain.
    Hi Krystle - Well he has made some post shuttles but at the moment is concentrating on the bobbin style.

  8. Lovely snow - we don't have any here so it's all 'oos and ahhs' for me! We have an eternal summer.

    Ooooooooo new shuttles - how exciting *joins the queue of excited tatters*

  9. Ooh, I love the Magic Moment snowflake done in two solid colors. Like Fox, I have that one on my TO DO list, just can't keep up with all the lovely designs out there!

    As for the shuttles, stay inside and try to keep warm. I have never tried the Aero Englands (just the German-style) so I must ask...what makes the Englands more desirable? Better materials in the construction? Pretty colors? Size? And yes, I want one of hubby's new shuttle too, when they are ready! Boy this queue is getting long...

  10. Love the snowy church, love the snowflake, very classy. Hate bobbin shuttles tho'!


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