Tuesday 31 August 2010

Sharing Patterns

There are so many wonderful tatting patterns to be found which generous people have shared, via their blogs, that it is often so difficult to decide which one to start next.!  Here are Gina's bunnies.    I've no idea what to use them for at the moment but they are so cute. 
 Jeff has designed this small motif called Sine Wave Star, so before other projects took over I managed to tat it.  Of course there are many important conditions when using other people's patterns and Jeff does mention them above the instructions to his pattern
Here is the finished necklace from my last post, it was really to test the large shuttles, which are now packed and ready to go to Jane together with some more pop-a-bobbin shuttles at the weekend.  Apparently the ones that Jane put in her Etsy shop yesterday sold extremely quickly, she told me that she went to mow the lawn and came back to find them gone!

Yesterday we went to see some wood at a local funeral directors. I know quite a few in the area because of my work, and yes the wood was originally purchased to make coffins!   There isn't time to hand make coffins anymore and so what we witnessed was a considerable pile of timber stored in a huge garage, much bigger than our garage!  It has been there for about 11 yrs now and there are a few spiders who have made their home around it.  We were amazed at how much timber there was, mostly mahogany.  It looks like some of it may end up in the form of tatting shuttles but there is certainly too much for us to purchase and for that matter store!

So sharing patterns reminds me that I must complete the button necklace pattern that I designed.


  1. Interesting about the coffins. I'm very sad to hear that they're still being made out of a precious commodity like wood. Personally you can put me in a cardboard box or a Tesco carrier bag when I 'go'. No service - just put me in the back of the car and drive me to the crematorium!!!!

  2. Lovely post Sally. You did a great job on the star. As much as I like the 'Geoff' spelling, my name starts with a 'J'. Just to clear up any possible confusion.

  3. I'm with Jane…DH and I bought a creche in Sacramento at a large cemetery with is really beautiful with wide streets and big, very old trees. The children in the neighborhood (around Fab forties in Sacramento) are often brought there to learn to ride their bicycles. Our creche is in a tall rectangular column..on the left aisle, top "drawer" LOL a simple brass plate with name and date. I joked with my son in love when we went to look at it and said, "This is the closest I'd come to being able to buy into the Fab forties" (they live about 3 blocks away and BB does her morning run through there. I've loved that big park since I was in High School.

    It's a wonderful thing that people share their patterns and their expertise. I know Jane has helped me a great deal ~ yesterday, she taught me to do an SCMR via e-mail. She made it so simple. I'm over the pond doing the happy tatting dance. This opens up so many patterns to me…and there goes the saying about "teaching old dogs new tricks" I'm always up for a new trick. LOL

    I need an area rug for my bedroom and I found the perfect rug because it is so whimsical. It is charcoal in color and is a hop-scotch pattern; looks as though it was drawn on concrete with chalk. Just daffy enough for me to actually buy. I am so tempted. Just to see the look on the faces of the once a year visitor! LOL

    What ideas your blog has wrought this afternoon!
    hugs, bev

  4. Those bunnies are cute and love the necklace. Your sisters comment really made me laugh she is so funny.

  5. very pretty tatting Sally,
    please tell "I'm in the garage" thanks for me, I bought a walnut pop-a-bobbin shuttles yesterday from Jane's etsy site.

  6. Oh dear oh dear so sorry Jeff - must go and correct.

  7. Well Jane sometimes I conduct funeral services when the coffin is a wicker basket, will that do!!
    Hi Bev really didn't want to start such a morbid conversation, still listening to your comment did make me laugh. Agree learning to tat SCMR opens up a new window on patterns, well done especially achieving this by e.mail. The rug well, conjours up that picture you posted on your blog some months ago now!
    Hi Typs Tatting - I will remember her comment when the time comes!
    Hi Ladytats - pleased you were able to buy a shuttle and will pass the message on. thanks


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