Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Two of a kind

Some of you may be interested in these shuttles?  Martha originally requested one to be made to her specifications and hers was the first and a sort of trial shuttle, you can see it here.   I have heard that a couple of people might be interested in purchasing them so decided to ask "I'm in the garage" if he would make a few more.  He didn't mind as it made a pleasant change to work on something different other than the Pop-A-bobbins shuttles and small post shuttles. 

I always test tat all the shuttles that he makes, this often causes arguments especially when one of them does not pass the test and he refuses to believe me! As a craftsman he takes it so personally and it often only takes a minor adjustment before it is fully endorsed as a "fit for purpose shuttle".  This particular shuttle he tested with a size 20 thread by just snapping it between the points (no he can't tat). Then I came along with two threads and started working with a size 20 and 40 and of course the shuttle needed adjusting!  Not sure if I will finish what I have started as my mind is on other projects, but the dilemma is if I don't the thread will have to be taken off the shuttle anyway so it can be sold! 
Which reminds me to tell you that the latest Pop-A-bobbin shuttles that have been made will be in Jane's Etsy shop next week, a bit of a delay because she didn't want to list them during the Palmetto days and then we have a Bank Holiday in the UK which would have delayed postage.   

However, these little beauties will not be on sale just yet as they have to travel to Jane's home first.


  1. I for one... would LOVE a post shuttle!

  2. Oh my yes! I read Martha's post about hers and was so jealous. I was wondering if they would ever be for sale. I am really happy to hear that you are at least considering it.

  3. Yup they'll be up, up and away in the Etsy shop with a good day's warning from me!!! Also I will be letting the pop a bobbins go 'live' later in our day so that those in other time zones will NOT have to set their alarm clocks to get up in the middle of the night!!!!

  4. Those are really nice shuttles and I love what you are tatting as well!

  5. These look very interesting. Never a dull moment over there in the garage!

    Nice updated format!
    Fox : )

  6. NICE....I definitely would like one of those too! I also read Martha's post and was hoping that they would be for sale at some point.


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