Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Fandango Square

Our visitors from Singapore have gone and we are recovering after a really hectic week.  We visited Stratford-upon-Avon and went around the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, then on to Oxford where we went punting on the river Thames and looked around the Oxford colleges.  We travelled to Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire to see one of the settings for the Harry Potter films.  And finally a trip to the New Forest and a visit to a wildlife park where we saw some fantastic butterflies, so there was not much time for any tatting or looking at blogs. However, I did manage to see the clever design that Valerie Ho discovered from Jane's fandango bookmark. It just cried out for beads, Jane sent me the pattern to try out, although I added a button to the middle and these are the results.

Jane is working on updating the pattern for the beaded and buttoned version.

And because it is "Tatting Tea Tuesday"  here is a cup of tea, yes seriously it is  - Flowering Dragon Eye, green tea.

The colours seem to match the fandago square!


  1. Lovely work Sally
    (I hope you received my email !!)

    Take Care

  2. Between packing and shopping for our trip I hope to get the beaded version done. I've altered the stitch count slightly for it and may do the same on the original version too. We'll seeeeee.

  3. Thanks Patty - just answsered it!
    Thanks Jane and Valerie for a lovely pattern

  4. That must have been a whirlwind visit! - it's wonderful that you managed to enjoy so many trips together while your son was with you.
    I'm "all....most" back to tatting, I'm finally at the sewing-up stage of the enormous cabled jumper I have been knitting for my son for his birthday.

  5. Very nice, Sally! I like the way the beads and button change the look of the pattern every so slightly.

  6. Fantastic Fandango! Fit for following for fools favouring fresh fun fodder!
    Fox : 0

  7. You took your guests to some very interesting places. Can I come visit too :) what fun it would be to visit the Harry Potter set and the other sites you mentioned.

    I'm looking forward to tatting the Fandango Motif. I really like how the top motif looks in the two colors!!

    Have a lovely day!

  8. Lovely pendants with button and beads. Sally, but you are the first to accomplish this motif with the "bonus". Glad you had a great time with your beloved visitors.

    Heehee, I know has something up her sleeves, as always.

  9. Your flowering dragon eye looks pretty. I enjoy tea too, aside from being a coffee drinker. And I have quite a stash, with one similar to yours. Cheers!

  10. Your flowering dragon eye tea really set my imagination flying! Now I am wishing for some blooming tea time.

    Your Fandango motifs are FAB! Love how the colors play and they are so pretty all beaded up!

    Like Carol, I would love to have you show me the sights, especially if a visit to a Harry Potter movie location was among them. And oh - how my son would LOVE to see the Hogwarts Train! (*sigh* But I digress.)

    The last time I was in the UK I wandered around Oxford, looking for gargoyles and other interesting bits among the colleges. Never set foot in Stratford Upon Avon, sorry to say. Next time! And I will look up Jane when I arrive. (Not to worry, should I set foot on British soil, I will be sure to announce to anyone and everyone that I will be coming.)


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