Sunday, 7 August 2011

Crochet Hooks for the pop-a-bobbin shuttles

Hopefully I have found a supplier in the UK who has the right size crochet hooks and can keep up with bulk orders for them. I have purchased 50 so far, some of them will be going into the next batch of pop-a-bobbin shuttles.

A family bereavement has meant that production has slowed down, but these should be ready soon.   

  I thought the bits of discarded wood on the floor looked so colourful!

Last Tuesday we were at Jane's home, the same day she arrived back from the USA, unfortunately the door bell had ceased to work and so I had to shout through the letter box!  I  took a picture of her unpacking.  It was great fun seeing what she had brought back.

A picture of one of the crochet hooks,
the size seems just right and  I am looking forward 
to seeing them attached to the shuttles.  

Are you?


  1. Heee, heee, a picture of me on my knees!!! A rare occurrence!! The hooks look great - can't wait to get my mucky mitts on the next batch of shuttles!!!

  2. Oh my I'm drooling over the purple and the greyish ones.I'll be watching carefully for the announcement. Thanks for picture of J unpacking.
    So sad to miss her this year at Tat Days maybe next year you both could come.

  3. I'll be keeping my eyes open for those new Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles!

  4. Definitely looking forward to a new batch! The crochet hook looks great!

  5. I knew that box would come in handy for Jane!

    On the rare occasion that I used a shuttle with a hook, I do like the real hook like this.

  6. oohh more pop-a-bobbins, should I add to my collection or leave it for someone else,.....????
    on another note, would "I'm in the garage" be interested in some american black walnut? I may have a source.
    and I love shuttles with hooks.

  7. ...beautiful soon-to-be shuttles! I LOVE bobbin shuttles with hook tip! It is all that I wish to use.. except for demonstrating period tatting.

    Good shot of Jane!!

  8. Wondering how you are going to attach the hook to the wooden shuttles, I am afriad I perfer my hook seperate, I dont like the hook sicking into my hands. Thats me bad enough having to test my blood and getting needles into my fingers without hooks as well.

  9. Seems that people are pleased with the hooks!!!
    Ladytats I have asked "I'm in the garage" about the wood and he is interested thanks for that - my e.mail is
    Margaret the hook will be carefully cut and then the piece that is going into the shuttle with be shaped before it is set in a hole already prepared at the end of the shuttle.

  10. *drooling* over the soon to be pop-a-bobbin shuttles. I adore mine and would gladly adopt more.

    Connie has hit upon a grand idea! Would you consider traveling to Tat Days in 2012 for the 10th anniversary?

    I hear that teachers get a special compensation, since so much of their time is spent in the classroom(s)...and scholarships are available too.

  11. Connie and Isdihara I missed the end bit of your comment Connie and have just gone back to read it. I noted Jane being missed and that was it!
    Strangly enough Jane has mentioned joining her next year, although no decision has been made yet, just thinking about it at the moment!

  12. Thanks, Sally, for keeping us updated on PAB Shuttle production!!! I have been waiting for one all summer--I'm going to try to get two, if I can get in on time! The hooks look perfect.

    Please give us a heads-up in time so we'll know to be online for the great day!

  13. Will do Keely or rather will tell you when they are on the way to my sister.


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