Friday, 11 November 2011

11 11 11 11

The garage is buzzing with activity at the moment especially since the arrival of two different woods.    The first was the zebra wood which you can see in this post. The second is thanks to Ladytats who posted a huge box of  American black walnut to me.  The wood is from her father's yard and I am sure she is eager to see a shuttle made out of it.   Well here are two shuttles made from the woods, not by any means finished, they also have a slightly different shape to them and at the moment this is being tested.

The American Walnut in its raw state resting in the garage before getting the chop!

The zebra wood after being cut

Today at the 11th hour of this the 11th day of the 11th month in the year 2011 we will be ringing the bells in our churches, after  two minutes silence,  remembering those who died in wars and conflicts of the past and those who are serving in the armed forces at the present  time.  Another unique date.

And to link with all the 'ones' in this date, I am soon going to announce a giveaway and you might be the 'one' to win it!


  1. The new shape looks very interesting. Will they also have hooks?

  2. What a heavenly giveaway! November 11 is full of remembrance for me. My dad's birthday was November 9, his mom's November 13. His dad passed away on November 11, and Grandpa Green was a veteran of WWI.

    Grandpa would never talk about the war. We visited Cantigny, the McCormick family home and museum in Illinois, with Grandpa when we first moved here in 1965. Grandpa shed tears for his companions lost in the war. I always think of him and that visit on Veterans Day.

    American Walnut is also special to me. When my first husband and I married, Dad made a box to hold our photo album out of American Walnut. It was from a tree that was cut down on a family member's farm outside of Philadelphia. Dad had made a similar box for Grandma and Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary. I hope that when those shuttles are ready, I'll be able to purchase one!

  3. I love the new wood! The shuttles look lovely and I hope I can purchase one of the zebra wood shuttles! If they are ready for Christmas this may be my Christmas present as my DH always lets me chose my own so I get what I want. Yay!!! Diane...what a lovely memory of you Dad!

  4. the zebra wood looks interesting and oh i like the shape!

  5. Susie yes they will have hooks, for those who want them.
    Diane, I agree today is full of memories and thanks for sharing your families, often those who fought in war never talked about it, too dreadful I would think.
    tattabugg, I will make sure he gets in the garage this weekend to finish them off!!
    Val, I am pleased you like the shape, it is good to experiment once in a while, hope this one works though!

  6. Nice to see what is being made out of the walnut, though I know that "I'm in the garage" has a very artistic bent when you look at the lovely shuttles and the really neat cuff links and other stuff he makes out of wood.

  7. Oooh! How exciting, someone mentioned the zebra wood over at In Tatters so I had to come and have a look. I'm so pleased to have finally got my hands on a purple heart (love the new hook by the way).... and now you're tempting us with yet another lovely wood!!


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