Sunday, 11 December 2011

Earrings and Eclipse

I have been designing and making earrings, although when I say designing, I just didn't follow a pattern, made them up myself, however there is sure to be a similar design somewhere.  I apologise if I have unintentionally used someone elses pattern.

Yesterday my son, who lives in Singapore, witnessed a lunar eclipse and posted these pictures on facebook.  Just felt the need to share them with you, I did ask his permission!

A total eclipse only happens during a full moon. It occurs when the moon passes through the earth's shadow. 

This eclipse was also seen in other parts of the world, from Alaska to Central Asia and Australia. So did anyone else see it?

It is a busy Sunday for me, the Hanging of the Greens service went extremely wel this morning, and thanks to the internet and the churches in America who gave me the idea.  This afternoon it is a Scout carol service and baby Jesus is in the boot of my car ready to take a journey into the nearest town, just hope that a Mary and Joseph can be found, with less than three hours to go, I have no idea if they will appear. Wish me luck!


  1. So will that poor baby Jesus be born an orphan? The story continues!!!!

  2. Yes, I did and it was an amazing sight.
    It was raining heavily in the late afternoon with heavy clouds lingering in the early evening. I was really hoping that the clouds will move away in time for us to view the different phases of the eclipse. It was 10.56pm local time when the moon was almost totally blocked by the earth's shadow.

  3. Pleased you were able to see the eclipse Jon, a great sight.

    Well Jane we found 15 mins before the service a sister of a cub scout to be Mary (she is a Brownie in real life!) and and another cub to be Joseph. The angels and kings were beaver scouts but we had to get explorer scouts to be sheep (14 - 18 years old) who, being so tall decided to appear on their hands and knees which was so so funny. It was alright on the night and the congregation joined in by saying twinkle, twinkle and moving their fingers when a star was mentioned, saying Baa when a sheep was mentioned and Alleluia for an angel.

  4. We didn't see it - heavy rain and storms all afternoon and evening.
    I like the colour of your earrings!

  5. pretty earrings. I saw just a bit of the eclipse at 7:30 in the morning. it was only a partial at that time, and headed down below the trees, so didn't see the rest of it.
    Glad you found Mary and Joseph. it would have made an interesting story if Jesus had been an abandoned baby.

  6. Such colourful and cheerful earrings, Sally!

    Oh, I missed the eclipse. I couldn't see the sky in that low-floor apt of mine, but thanks for sharing your son's images.


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