Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bobbin Holders

I am always trying to find ways to tidy all the bits and pieces that are around the house connected with tatting and came up with two helpful ways to do this.  Off I trot to the garage to see if they are possible, so with suggestions from the boss of the garage, we came up with these.

Let me introduce an Aero bobbin holder, they can be loaded with up to six bobbins on each stem, either empty all full of thread.  They are only suitable for Aero bobbins but could (if someone really wanted one) be made to take machine bobbins, which would mean making the stems thinner, at the moment the bobbins fit comfortably on the stems.

Not stopping with one idea the next one is an ez bob holder. It only takes the large and small size though, as they are the only ones I have to gauge the size of the holes in the middle, each size is different.   This is the prototype and the next one needs a wider base as the bobbins slightly over lap which is not ideal.  The bead at the top comes off for loading and unloading and it can be picked up by it as it is a fairly tight fit.

This is what it looks like unloaded as you can see the narrowing at the top is for the smaller size.

Already I am finding these two additions very useful, but not sure if anyone else would? What I like about them is they fit on a shelf or work top and tidy up bobbins that otherwise, well could be anywhere!


  1. I'm all for making things tidy! I think both are fabulous ideas!

  2. Great idea. The taming of the bits - not the shrew!! Get the joke?

  3. Handy looking things aren't they? good for you and I'm in the garage to come up with these. My first reaction is "gimme, gimme" then my sterner side kicked in and said, "yeah, but would you actually use it?" after thinking,...sigh.... I need to learn to put my stuff away first, then I can think about getting more stuff.

  4. Great ideas! Karen in OR

  5. Those are so cool! What a great idea.

  6. yo tambien tengo uno paralos hilosy las reglas de patchwork que lo hizo mi marido.bienen muy bien.Saludos


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