Friday 1 June 2012


I purchased a hat for my holidays to protect me from the sun, this is what it originally looked like. 

Then I took off the string around it and tatted a piece of braid and it now looks like this.

A close up of the braid, unfortunately the original string was glued around the hat and has left a mark, rather like a slug has been around it! However, this does not show up unless you get very close. The pattern is beaded braid from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior.

This weekend there will be much celebration in the United Kingdom as the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, 60 yrs since since becoming Queen.   The weather though is not predicted to be very good on Sunday when the main celebrations are taking place with a river pageant on the Thames in London and street parties up and down the country.
There are union jacks everywhere, but I was given this chocolate which says it all!

And I think most of you will agree!


  1. Ha, ha, ha. Just the sort of chocolate I'd love too. MEEE chocolate!!

  2. Love the hat - looks perfect for celebrating the Queen!

    And mmmmmm chocolate....

  3. like your hat and the band. and the chocolate looks good enough to eat.
    I think your queen is a neat ole' gal. she deserves a bit of celebration for reigning as long as she has.
    Has anyone been on the throne longer?

  4. Ladytats - Queen Elizabeth's great great grandmother Queen Victoria was on the throne for 63 yrs so she has a little way to go to beat her!

  5. I love the hat! Street parties? Sounds fun!

  6. Pretty band! And funny slogan...

  7. That is a really pretty had band. I can think of a few uses for that pattern and I think I might make some.

    I love the chocolate bar - how cut is that!

  8. I am JUST old enough to remember sounds as though there will be one huge party this weekend!
    Love the hat, the colours are very fashionable!

  9. I'm always amazed to see edgings from Mary Konior's Visual Patterns book that really come to life in color. Very appropriate for your hat! Love the beads!

    I clearly remember watching the Coronation on my parents' new TV set! I was 8 at the time (same as Jane!). And my future in-laws (who were Polish/German) went to a jewelry store to buy the 'carriage clock', complete with horses, to put on the mantel of the stone fireplace in their brand new home. I asked DH why they bought it [he was 9 back then], and he said 'because my mother wanted it!' End of story! :)

  10. Awesome way to snazzy up your new hat.

  11. Wonderful improvement to the hat. Perfect for holiday or any day. Yea for chocolate. Karen in OR

  12. Great hat, hope you can use it over the weekend, somehow I don't think it will be much use in the rain.

    We came back from Crete to bunting and all sorts of things going on, unfortunately in the village we live there appears to be nothing advertised, we must be in a another world here.
    Have a great weekend

  13. It looks like a nice hat. But it is definately improved with the tatted band.

  14. Thanks for your comments but I missed all the Jubilee celebrations as we were away


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