Tuesday 10 July 2012

My shuttles and your shuttles!

A small walk from the hotel where we were staying in Indonesia was the village of Tembi, where scattered amongst the homes, quite a large selection of crafts were being made.    I bought some leather handbags and this leather box which now holds my pop-a-bobbin shuttles. 

The walk to the local craft industry took you past these sights

One mode of transport

A very early prayer call was heard every morning at 4 am from the Mosque and at other times during the day.  Notice the loud speakers on top.

There was no door to the place where the leather and rattan goods were being made, you just came upon it quite suddenly after going past some small dwellings.
All the goods were stacked on shelves and on our first visit we had a job to find someone to ask how we could buy them. So we went back the following day.

I am pleased to announce that a small quantity of pop-a-bobbins shuttles and a few hooks with hats on were delivered to Jane at the weekend and will be going into her Etsy shop very soon.


  1. Lovely pictures, what a great find a box to keep your shuttles, thank you for sharing them

  2. I enjoy hearing about your trip. Thanks, I don't know that i will ever be able to go there, so seeing your trip pictures and hearing your stories is really nice.

  3. Gorgeous box for the shuttles! Wld love to find a similar for ALL my shuttles. I've now lost count how many I'd acquired, but I think they are never enough. ;)

  4. Great box, and it holds memories too. I know your new shuttles will fly out of Jane's shop.


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