Wednesday 25 July 2012

A Herd of Giraffes

Last year I made entwined hearts and butterflies for a friend whose daughter was married in July.  here are the butterflies.  In October her sister is getting married and because she likes giraffes I was asked if I could make hundreds of them, plus entwined hearts in blue and yellow.  So far I have made 150 giraffes.

And 100 entwined hearts

The wedding reception is being held at a local zoo and during it the couple are going to be taken to the where the giraffes are and given a personal close up view of them.  I have been making these giraffes for months, even took them on holiday but only managed to tat 10 of them!  Over the months there have been a few mistakes and they have had to be rejected, for instance who has ever seen a three legged giraffe or a one legged giraffe?  I cut the head off one of them because it did not have a nose!

Sadly I missed a visit to Singapore's zoo as I was ill, so cannot show you a real life giraffe.  But I think this chap which I saw in Indonesia  is super and would have liked to buy him but he would not fit in my suitcase.

Of course the giraffe is one of Jane's doodle patterns which can be found here.


  1. I mourn the chopped up giraffes but admire your stamina with those twisted picots!!!!

  2. I'm having a little problem with those numbers and had to read your post twice! Guess I forgot about those other butterflies! I'm afraid that would be too much of a project for me, so I admire your patience !
    How will the Olympics affect you, if at all?

  3. Adorable giraffes! But the entwined hearts are wonderful! What a great wedding favor!

  4. I am astounded by the idea of making so many of the same motif. I don't think I could have done it.

    PS, what color kit would you like for the Palmetto heart class?

  5. Cute giraffes! Actually I love the three legged one!

  6. That's a big herd of giraffes!

  7. How lovely to tat so many for the wedding, and you kept your stamina up for another wedding, I did 100 butterflies for my wedding and I was delighted to get tot he end of them


  8. Hi Kathy, firstly thank you for your encouraging comments from the last post. I am fast running out of patience with these giraffes and want to get onto another project. Where we live down the south of England the Olympic sites are quite a distance from us, London and Weymouth (where the sailing is taking place) in particular. However, my son lives near London and is being badly affected by the traffic.
    Opps Martha will e.mail!
    Thank you everyone for the rest of the comments, just to say that the hearts and giraffes are spread over the tables at the wedding reception and then people can take them home afterwards.

  9. What a wonderful thing to do to make someone's wedding special!!! I really love the hearts!!! :)

  10. OH MY GOODNESS! I’m overwhelmed by the numbers. What a trouper you are! Truly “Soldiering On” there in England.
    I read a very interesting article regarding the Olympics and England; we have England to thank for the success of the Olympics in the modern world. This is the third time they’ve been there during modern times. The article is in the newest Smithsonian Magazine if any one would like to read it.
    hugs, bev

  11. Thanks God's Kid, I do hope they will make the wedding special.
    Ah Bev, The giraffes and hearts are sitting beside me ready to be posted and do you know I shall be so pleased to see the back of them. Yes and it is the third time the Queen has opened the Olympic games, once in Montreal, Canada and twice in England.
    King George VI opened the games in London in 1948
    I would imagine the article is interesting. Good to hear from you.

  12. Wow, that is alot of giraffes and entwinded hearts. Super nice of you to do for your friend. I'm not sure I could stay focused enough to do so many of the same pattern.

    I'd enjoy seeing the whole pile of each when you have them all done. A pile of tatting, gives me a smile, mainly because, I can't begin to guess how many hours of work there is in the pile.

  13. Just too many hours Bonnie - hours I could have spent doing something else - well tatting but other tatting !

  14. Just too many hours Bonnie - hours I could have spent doing something else - well tatting but other tatting !

  15. Oh, my, oh, my! Cudos to you for doing so many of both the hearts and the giraffs! I had to look at the numbers twice as well, I couldn't take it in the first time. They do look good, and what a way to get tatting into the public eye.


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