Wednesday 19 December 2012

Blast from the Past

No I'm not referring to 'Tat Days' but an experience when visiting someone yesterday who every year I give a tatted tree ornament to.   The person is now more or less bed ridden but the family put the tree up and hang the ornaments on it.  Here is a picture of some of them, there must be about eight altogether spread around the tree. I had actually forgotten that I had made these, unfortunately I have no record of the design.

However, I just can't stop tatting the button snowflake because it just looks great in whatever colour I use and I am giving them away as fast as I can make them!  The one on the left though is slightly different.

After Christmas I hope to hold a 'giveaway' which will be (when it is made) a pop-a-bobbin shuttle to thank all those who regularly visit this blog and in particular those who comment, perhaps not regularly, but at least from time to time.   I'm getting excited thinking about it, hope you are?


  1. Bugle Beads! - have you been tatting "Ice Queen"too? :)

  2. I had to look close, then noted the bugle beads. I;'ve been doing the Fandango button flake too -- they are addictive.

  3. I love when I visit a friend or family member and see something on display that I have made. I often forget that I have made and given the item, so it's as much fun as when it was originally given!

    I plan on making some of those beautiful button snowflakes... after Christmas! For now I'll stick with what I already know how to do so that I can keep pace with what I need to accomplish!

    Did I read correctly? A giveaway?! A pop-a-bobbin shuttle?! What fun!

  4. I hope you realize what a day brightener you are for your friend.

    Your snowflakes are beautiful. I really like tatting w/ something added, beads or a button or a dudad, etc. Very Nice!

  5. How lovely that her family still puts the ornaments up for her!
    I absolutely LOVE the poinsettia button flower. Tremendous!

  6. I also noted the bugle beads. I really like your button flakes
    I have tatted the Fandango Snowflake with a doodad in the center. it is a bit crowded. can't show, it is a gift and the recipient reads my blog. I will post after gift giving.

  7. It's wonderful that the snowflakes are being used again and again. I'm sure your button brooches will be equally treasured!

  8. I agree with Diane it's nice to see something you made on show in the persons home. Lovely tree, and your snowflakes are beautiful.

  9. Wow! Yours are great. Now that I am addicted to the pattern, you have given me some super ideas for the next one. Sure is a fun pattern!
    Fox : )

  10. Your snowflakes are beautiful and look great in all the colours, your friends and family are lucky to have one of your lovely creations. Happy Christmas!


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