Tuesday 4 December 2012

Problems sorted!

I am out of hibernation (but didn't get much sleep) and seemed to have got rid of my computer frustration, well for a little while!  This past week I have been extremely busy sorting out the photos on my blog, or rather where they are stored in Picasa and then downsizing them.    I had no idea that was the problem, just uploaded everything on to the blog without a thought to how much space they were taking.  Lesson learnt.  Big sister came to my rescue and you can see her blog post talking about it here.

With the pink bracelet I added the beads from the core (shuttle)  thread whilst on the yellow bracelet they were on the ball thread.

This is the only bit of tatting I managed over the last week.  I had thought about making these bracelets for a while and recently noticed Janemactats and it inspired me to actually do something about the idea.

These are the buttons you saw on the scan but look slightly better photographed

So I am blogging again and thanks to those who commented on my last blog post, would really have not wanted to be away for too long as I would have also  missed you.


  1. Well done with sorting the blog out. I HAD to give you a hand as we'd all have missed your blog posts. Love the bracelets too.

  2. I'm glad you haven't given up on blogging! The bracelets look good.

  3. So glad it's all straightened out now, and thanks to you and Jane we're now aware of the issue! My problem is that my Picasa album has duplicates of several photos, and they are counting them! However I don't have a lot of posts so the percentage is okay.

    So that's the 'only' tatting you've done??!! I think that's quite an output, especially with the cool beads! Beautiful
    bracelets AND button motifs!

    My tatting group ladies are all excited about your bauble pattern. I've found baubles for all of us to share, so we'll be trying the pattern soon!

  4. Kathy I deleted the duplicates of photos that I had, using the method that Jane explains and going to delete, although saying that it was a bit of a hit and miss as some were the originals and then I had to find them again!
    Oh my goodness to have the bauble pattern tatted my other people, such an honour.

  5. Your bracelets look great!! :)

  6. I'm so glad that your blogging will resume - thank you to Jane for the help!
    The bracelets are lovely.

  7. Glad things are running smoothly again. I enjoy your posts.
    I like your bracelets. I think I like the bead placement on the pink one best.

  8. Welcome back, Lovely bracelets, and buttons, well done sorting out your blog

  9. So glad to see you "back in the saddle" so to speak! Your tatting is a lovely as ever and it is so nice to "read you" again.

    Have you finished your beaded heart from Martha Ess's class at Tat Days? I haven't not yet finished mine. It is just one of the many projects that whisper, "work on me..." as I complete my Norma Benporath Lace Mat and Gingerbread Boy.

  10. Thanks IsDihara, I'm re-sized and back!
    Did you have to mention Martha's beaded heart?!!!
    It has a little home in the that beautiful handmade bag we were given, I look at it every so often and I'm sure it is also saying "work on me!" But I never seem to get around to it, too many other tatting patterns demand my attention. How about making it a New Years Resolution to finish them before the end of 2013!!!? That beaded heart caused me such grieve on that day in September!!


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