Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

It seems as though everyone on the tatting blogs is marking the day this year in some form or another, and there are some really beautiful tatted hearts.  I would have loved to show you the heart that I started at Tat Days in Martha Ess's class but sadly it is not completed.
One of the main reasons is that I had a dreadful start to the piece and the memory of that puts me off, but it will be finished within the year.
So my offerings are these, on the left Heart of a Butterfly by Irene Woo and the one on the right was designed by Betsy Evans and I first noticed on Diane's blog 

I was attempting to make a heart to fit into a frame but had to resort to 80 thread in the end. The photograph was difficult to take as the frame was so shinny!

Here is a cup that Karen gave me whilst in the USA, if you read it you can see lots of words of endearment written on it including Valentine.

And a picture of Karen with another cup!

Jane and I were so well looked after in September, thank you to all who gave us lifts to and from events and of course the hospitality shown by Sandra and Joanie.


  1. What a wonderful picture of Karen. That just sums her up. A big, big, humungous smile on her face ALL the time. Lovely lady. Thanks for the memories, little sister.

  2. Two lovely hearts, and by the picture you had a ball by the smile on Karens face, it says it all

  3. Happy Valentines day. Very nice hearts. The frame reminds me of a couple of frames in storage I need to search for. Thanks for the reminder. I so enjoy seeing the pictures of your fun in the USA. I can't imagine who wouldn't have fun with you and Jane. Karen in OR

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! The tatted hearts are lovely. Ooh, the cup is fun!


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