Saturday, 22 June 2013

Bead Shopping

It was obvious that whilst in Singapore I just had to buy some more beads.  Last year Val took me shopping in China Town, and as you can see from this picture  we had a really good time visiting many shops.  I managed to retrace our steps exactly two weeks ago today, in fact the afternoon of the wedding banquet and found the shops again. Here are my purchases, and yes I will be sharing some of them with Jane!  I did also meet up again with Val the next day (Sunday), will post a picture soon.

The hotel had this marvellous ceiling hanging in the reception area made with beads.

And this is the start of the wedding banquet in the same hotel a fortnight ago.

In the UK at the moment it is dull windy and raining, in Singapore there is a terrible haze covering the city so where would I rather be? Well of course a part of me would love to be back in Singapore with my son and his wife, but another part of me is pleased not to have to suffer like the people are there and in parts of Malaysia.


  1. Yummmmmyyyy beads. The bridal party are great but I'd have brought those dear little bridesmaids home with me - they're megga cute.

  2. We've seen pictures of the terrible smog haze over Singapore - they said today that for frail or old people, it was life-threatening, and that everyone should stay indoors. It sounds really bad.
    "Some" of your new beads?? - you must have come home laden.

  3. Looks a gorgeous wedding, I hope they have a long and happy married life,
    Gorgeous beads look forward to seeing what you do with them
    I would not want to be Singapore with all the smog but I don't like the wind and heavy showers we have today either.

  4. Ah, those beads will keep you busy! Yes, the smog in Singapore at the moment sounds horrible.

  5. That's a LOT of beads you have to play with! And that ceiling piece is beautiful - makes me wonder how long it took to make. (Yikes!)

    I think I would prefer the rain than that terrible haze.

  6. I am stunned that you are back already! I had lost track of time! Wonderful photos - thanks for sharing! And an amusing story of the 'embroidered' butterflies.

    I had no idea, however, of the smog/fire situation. That's very shocking and a serious situation. There have been tragic fires in Colorado, too, which may not have been due to natural causes. Very unsettling.

    I look forward to seeing more photos of the wedding!

  7. So pleased to have managed to catch you and 'im in the garage while you were here, although time was not on our hands. Glad you found the bead shops, and what a great selection. I have been avoiding the shops, and you know why. LOL
    The wedding is beautiful, and I'm sure there are many people who are now curious about the butterflies. :)
    The haze is indeed rather hazardous for people who are sensitive, and have asthma and heart trouble. Even healthy people can suffer from difficulty in breathing due to the dust particles from burnt matter. A strong odor now lingers in the air. All thanks to the illegal logging companies and uneducated farmers in the Indonesian Riau island, who burn crops and plantations to clear land fast and cheap, without consideration for the population and disregarding the impact of such acts on the environment at large. We had just experienced PSI 401 on Fri around 11am and it really was choking. The smog is brought by the winds, and Singapore and Malaysia are directly hit.


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