Thursday 12 September 2013

A successful 'Tat Day'

I am very pleased to announce that there are now more people who have mastered the art of tatting in the world.   Last Saturdays Craft Day at the local church proofed to be a popular event that is to be repeated again early next year.  All my 8 pupils were very enthusiastic and some of them mastered the flip straight away.   

The two ladies on the left are mother and daughter and only joined the group in the afternoon but were extremely enthusiastic and I can see them continuing.   Manuela is the name of the lady wearing the red top sitting at the back.  No she has not been naughty but was one of my morning pupils and was racing ahead!   Some of you might, like I did, connect her name with the thread also called 'Manuela' as I had never met the lady before decided not to tell her of the connection though!  By the end of the day she had started to join rings.  Didn't she do well?

I am hoping to continue with tatting lessons on a Wednesday afternoon, most likely after Christmas as we are having some building work done at the church at the moment. Of course holding the classes in the daytime will exclude those who work, but unfortunately my evenings are very busy with other meetings.

Now I have just looked at my sister's blog and wondered what I was getting blamed for, yet again!   Well this is obviously what she is talking about, the handkerchief edging.

Can't say I really enjoyed tatting this edging, started off enthusiastically and then found it quite tedious.  Still it did mean that Jane started another one!


  1. How nice and Dear Manuela looks like she got it! I was not that fast learner. Looking back I don't know why I kept trying!

  2. Well done with the classes - so pleased it went so well. You're obviously very good with newbies.
    Ah, tedious is the name of any hanky edging. Do you remember our Nan giving us those to do when we started tatting? I only do mine when I've finished playing with new stuff and at the end of an evening. OR if I'm out and about and need something to do to fill in the odd few minutes. The colours in yours are fabulous.

  3. Oh they must've had a very good teacher to have learnt so quickly! Well done.


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