Tuesday 24 September 2013

Textile Archway and not a lot of tatting!

This has got nothing to do with tatting but when I attended a meeting last week in King John's House, Romsey I noticed this magnificent archway.  The picture was taken in the evening so you can see my reflection, like a ghostly figure in the window!

The Giant Textile Archway was made by local groups and marks 50 years since the Beeching Report was published. This report reshaped British Railways to such an extent that many closed, especially rural branch lines.  With the increase of road traffic in the last few decades the wisdom of such closures has certainly been questioned.   The archway is made out of knitted, crocheted, felted or stitched bricks, but no tatting.  

I made these winsome earrings for myself and I used the same thread colour that I gave Fox.  

Struggling to find time to pick up my tatting shuttles at the moment as I am trying to organise a Scarecrow Festival for this Saturday.  Its is though quite exciting as so many people from the village are making them.  I hope to take plenty of photographs. 


  1. Fantastic archway. Pretty earwigs too. Good luck with the scarecrows!!

  2. I wonder whether that's when the Great Western Railway was closed? I must ask the train-builder, that is his period.
    What a fascinating arch! - but how on earth is it kept clean?

  3. Wonderful picture if the archway, amazing work,
    Lovely earrings, love the large beads in the middle.
    Good luck with scarecrows

  4. No tatting? For shame. Such a nice archway too...

    Love the earrings. Pretty colour! : )

  5. There are more people nowadays and it is sad there gets less and less public transportation. The earrings are very nice and its fun to take breaks now and then from anything!

  6. Love the earrings! Beautiful color and beads!

    In Pittsburgh a few months ago they covered a whole bridge with knitted and crocheted squares, as part of a 'Yarn Arts' project. And today, we welcomed the Big Rubber Duck (first city in North Ameria) near that same bridge (no longer covered). And FYI, our very own Pittsburgh Steelers will be in London this weekend for a 'real' football game (counts for the season).. We hope they win there (against the Vikings) because they unbelievably haven't won any games so far this year, and the fans aren't happy!!!! However, our Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team has a possibility of getting into the playoffs for the World Series, coming up soon. (I know this is more than you wanted to know!)

    1. Kathy amazing what people cover with knitting and crochet these days, a whole bridge wow! Good luck to the Pittsburgh Steelers playing a 'real' football game this year. And while I am at it good luck to the Pittsburgh Pirates!!! I'm off to put a few scarecrows up in a churchyard!


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