Thursday, 16 January 2014

Thread Winders

It seemed a good idea to give 'Im in the Garage another task, and so I came up with thread winders.    I bought some plastic ones in the USA which have been useful but sadly I have now given most of them away.   Next month I am taking another tatting class for beginners and really wanted some for that day.   The problem was that there were so few bits of thin wood in the garage, fortunately a little was found to make these. 

The left one is made out of purple heart in the shape of a tree, as I thought that was a novel idea and had not seen one before. The right one looks a bit like a dog's bone but it is fit for purpose.

The tree now covered in thread, the branches could be made slightly wider next time,  but even like this they hold a fair amount of thread and are so pretty.      And before anyone asks they are not for sale, I just plan to give them away in due course.


  1. What a COOLLLLLL idea!!!! I just love it!!! How thick is the wood?

    1. The wood is as thick or rather thin as the plastic ones but very very strong. If any more are made they may be slightly thicker.

  2. Thread winders are always needed; I unwind the leftover thread from my shuttles onto plastic breadclips. That way I am not "wasting "any thread, and I always have loads of nice empty shuttles.And it's amazing to see how many containers of bread clips I have accumulated! - didn't realise that I have actually been tatting a lot over the years.

  3. I really like the purple one! Great color!
    StephanieW in NC

  4. Haha, 'im in the garage needs more tasks set (but please don't tell him I said this!). An awesome idea, and how useful.

  5. Well I thought they would be useful Val! Actually he has loads of tasks it is just trying to get him to go into a cold garage. I heard from Singapore that the temperature had dropped to 24 degrees, somehow I can't feel sorry for you!

  6. These would make great embroidery project thread keepers with a few appropriately sized holes drill in them. What a shame they are not for sale I would buy some.


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