Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Are you the Winner?

Thank you to all who entered the St. Patrick's Giveaway and the lovely comments, will answer some of them once I have posted this.    I have used a Random Number Generator 

Well done Janis the luck of the Irish was definitely with you. Please can you e.mail me on popabobbinshuttle@gmail.com with your address and preference for the word on the other side of the shuttle.

Just an update on things in and outside of the garage.  Shuttles are in the process of being made, only there has been a short break to make a birthday present for one of our sons which is this made from mahogany wood

I am still working on the Renulek's doilies and making very slow progress as I keep making major mistakes due mainly to tiredness.


  1. Oh, my, that mahogany piece is stunning! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with mistakes in Renulek's doily - happens to me, too. I've learned (the hard way) not to tat anything too intricate too early in the day. If the fingers can't do it without the brain involved, I have to wait until the afternoon. Still, the doilies will be lovely when you've finished them - just keep reminding yourself of that. ;-)

  2. Oh Stephanie what an encouraging comment about the dollies - thank you have nearly given up with them over the last few days. You are spot on about fingers and brain, but I think a lot of my trouble is having my mind on too many other things at the same time! The wine rack is actually made out of wood that originally was for bought for coffins, so put to a much better use!

  3. What a magnificent birthday present! - since I became acquainted with 'im in the garage I can't look at a piece of timber without converting it into "how many shuttles...."- it makes the trips to hardware stores a lot more fun!

    1. Funny enough Maureen I am the same only it is looking at a piece of wood left abandoned outside that gets me shuttle counting!

  4. Just testing because I am having trouble posting comments .

  5. Congrats to Janis! And what a magnificent wine rack!

  6. Congrats to Janis. Wow, that wine rack is absolutely splendid!

  7. Congratulations to Janis! I love that mahogany wine rack.

  8. Well Done Janis!! The wine rack is stunning.... but it's full!! LOL In our house it'd be drunk!! VBG.... now these bobbins.... drool!! Can't wait!!


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