Saturday 28 June 2014

Hundreds of beads!

I have been making Jane's Starry Button Bracelets  and each one literally uses over 300 beads!  Incredible but the effect is always stunning.  So here are some pictures.

For this bracelet I used slightly larger buttons and increased the stitch count

And this is a banner that I have made for the forthcoming exhibition, hopefully it will hang outside the church to attract people to come inside and view the exhibits.

The pictures you see above it are Batik from Indonesia and I cut the letters out using material from Africa and Indonesia as well as England.   Actually it looks rather fun hanging in my home!


  1. Those bracelets are stunning and wonderful love your work! love the Arts and Crafts sign I would visit!

  2. The bracelets are a fiddle to make, but so spectacular, well worth the effort! I hope you get a lot of visitors.

  3. Your beaded bracelets are lovely and I'm sure that sign would get me in the door!!

  4. Love the buttons and the beads... All 300 on each bracelet!

  5. The bracelets are wonderful, really lovely - but I don't think I will be tackling them! I will just enjoy all the pictures.

  6. So pretty! I love beady things, and you do lovely work!

  7. Beautiful bracelets, and I also love adding beads, to all I do.

  8. over 300 beads! I couldn't do that ...
    the bracelets are wonderful ! real good work
    Have a nice day
    and happy tatting


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