Tuesday 22 July 2014


Over the last few weeks I have been involved in organising and setting up two exhibitions in two different churches, one traditional and one quite modern.  I mentioned the Art and Craft Exhibition in my previous post and last weekend another church was transformed into a History and Heritage Exhibition.   It included artifacts from a  famous Victorian Artist who lived in the village and is buried in the churchyard. Items and history relating to a family who had and still have connections with the area.  Also a brief history of the men who  went to fight in the two World Wars.

May I introduce the Goddess Flora, she is made from wax and as the temperatures in England are extremely high at the moment, she was transported to church in a box surrounded by frozen peas!  

She is rather lovely and I just had to introduce her to some tatting

Flora was so easy to photograph too as she never moved an inch,  she was the star attraction of the exhibition and she knew it!


  1. Well she looks armless to me so I doubt she gave you any trouble!!!! Sorry, couldn't resist the pun!!!

  2. For a waxen lady - who is wearing no clothes!! - she has a benevolent disposition, perhaps she's pleased with her glamorous new hat! Hope she doesn't melt in your heatwave.

  3. She is beautiful and so is the tatting!!!

  4. Flora is now back with her owner, fortunately the church was coolish with no direct sun on her. She is extremely valuable so it was a huge responsibility having her visit us especially as she is never usually seen out in public. We were honoured to have her in our presence, although I am doubtful whether she appreciated her head gear!

  5. She looked cold enough.... (Sorry - I'm SO bad!)


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