Friday 25 July 2014

Heat Wave

It must be the heat because both Jane (big sister) and myself have gone a little off doing any tatting at the moment.  I am concentrating on altering some clothes, a job that I hate, but it does mean that I get back to wearing them, especially as they are for the Summer weather, which may not last for much longer.

This is my latest tatting project which has taken a week so far!  It could become an edging or even a necklace!

Thought you would like to see some real creativity this is a piece of wood we found in this place.

If you look closely at the left hand side you can see the shape of a deer's head its eye and  nose in particular.  It did not fair too well outside in the winter as some of it split but this is what it was finally turned into.  The flat pieces are made out of beech and came from a huge log that was cut with a chain saw.

Somebody took a fancy to it straight away and it was sold at the exhibition


  1. Fantastic display table! That's creativity.

  2. Your third picture is worth a price Sally! The contrast between the natural dead wood, the polished wood of the table and the unpolished wood of the Beech slices is striking.
    I like your edging and its color.
    I hate this heat wave too.I re-started Renulek's summer doily many times and keep making mistakes!

  3. It must be the heat, I agree. I'm sure we'll get over the hiatus soon. The new idea's looking good.

  4. Gorgeous tatting :). The wooden display is awesome! Not surprised at all that it sold :).

  5. Splendid way to give new life to the tree! I like the edging. What thread did you use?

  6. I can see the deer's head! - but the transformation is magnificent, someone has bought an heirloom. Sorry you're not enjoying the heat, I hate cold weather - my nose always gets cold!

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments but actually I am not complaining about the heat wave, I love it, just that it stops me doing certain things. We have so much horrible weather in the UK and to see so much of the sun is a real bonus.

  8. Love both the 'stand' and the edge Sally!! Can't wait for the pattern!!! LOL I feel a new necklace/edging coming on!! (If I can be bothered to load shuttles that is....) VBG

  9. You and Jane come up with wonderful ways to use your tatting. I seem to just tat and not find too much of a use for anything. I love the display table! I can see why someone took a shine to it so quickly!

  10. I love the edging, and I'm glad you're 'drying out' over there, but high heat and humidity are energy sappers!

    The 'tree' display is mind-boggling! So glad someone realized the high level of craftsmanship and 'vision'. Amazing!

    1. Kathy you are right heat and humidity are energy sappers and don't forget in the UK there are very few homes with air-conditioning (although most shops have it), in our house we don't even have fans because this weather is very unusual.

  11. Lovely edging, or whatever it will be. I love how you transformed the piece of wood, it became one of a kind. It's a strange summer here too.


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