Monday 23 February 2015

Tatting embelishments

I managed to finish the bag which is embellished with tatting in the form of a braid.  Here is another picture of it.  Must say I am quite pleased with the result and the fact that there is at least one less 'work in progress' in the house now!

And a close-up of the braid/tatting

I used two threads together to make it more interesting.  Then tatted one row of chains with picots and the second row joined on to the first row as I went along, not pulling it too tight but keeping it firm.   Simple but very effective. 

Here is another fun way of using tatting as an embellishment


  1. Love that bag. Great idea for the braid too.

  2. Love them Sally!!! Particularly the 'Duck!!!' as my granddaughter would say!!! LOL Now if the bag needs a good home.... VBG

  3. I like your braiding. Beautiful addition to the sewn items.

  4. I love them and the little bird is sweet!

  5. This is so clever! - and replicates the i-cord in knitting. What a useful design.


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