Saturday, 30 January 2016

Brooch for a new coat

I bought a new coat in November in preparation for a cold Winter, but I would have been better off buying a waterproof jacket instead,  as it has done nothing but rain for months. So much so that I have only worn the new coat on two occasions.   It is duffle coat just like Paddington Bear wears, in  a lovely shade of blue and so this brooch looks really smart pinned on it.  The pattern can be found  here

My friend has knitted a cardigan for a baby and the pattern showed some crochet flowers and she asked if I could make them.  The flowers seemed a bit plain ...................   

So I put a button in the middle of each one

Now unsure which looks best!


  1. Your brooch is gorgeous!!! :)
    The sweater flowers look fabulous both ways!!! :)

  2. I love that pattern of Jane's and copied it years ago I have embellished many projects with it. Ah your New Coat sounds great and the weird weather may still give you a use for it, I read a true weather story a bout a summer that never came for some :( As for that beautiful baby jacket wow that is a tough decision to make, I pick all of the about ha ha ha :)

  3. The brooch is lovely! I like those colors. The baby sweater looks darling both ways. I might be a little concerned that the buttons would come loose with a baby. Another option to add a spot of color would be to embroider with another color of yarn.

  4. I thought you were going to put the tatted flowers instead! Much more interesting.

  5. Love your broach Sally, very attractive.
    I think I prefer the second cardigan. I imagine that tiny hands and fingers will enjoy playing with the flowers!

  6. Thanks for your extremely helpful comments and compliments - my friend went for the button version in the end - they are sewn on very well Marilee but thanks for your suggestion. Jane never thought about tatted flowers as the pattern had the instructions for crocheted ones - a missed opportunity there! Just to let you know its raining again today!

  7. Love that brooch! I like the flowers with the buttons in the middle... just a touch of bling!


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