Thursday 11 February 2016

Some Success

'Im in the garage has been trying to make shuttles that will take larger bobbins so that more thread can be wound on them.  Unfortunately the trial did not go too well.   The shuttle with the clear sewing machine bobbin (front of picture) works reasonably well and it will take a little extra thread.  Whereas the industrial machine bobbin which Diane kindly sent me have proved very unsuccessful and the bobbin barely chucks along catching the wood most of the time.  The main problem is that the bobbins are inflexible and together with the wood which of course is completely inflexible, the combination just doesn't work.

The glueing of the broken Aero shuttles has been a minor success, with one operational, well I managed to fit a bobbin in, but now to scared to use it!

I am still making celtic snowflakes mainly because I want to finish off using the beads but also I don't have time to start another project at the moment 


  1. I hope the shuttles can be used with smaller bobbins and won't go to waste. Pretty snowflakes.

    1. Sadly they can't Jane as the gap in the wood is too great for smaller bobbins, it was worth a try.

  2. I was wondering if the metal bobbins would prove to be a problem. The plastic does seem to be a better option because of its flexibility. I do love those Celtic snowflakes!

  3. Oh, so sorry to hear the larger shuttles are not working out! Shame as they look great.


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