Sunday, 31 July 2016

Mrs Tiggy Winkle

This week marks 150 years since the famous children's story writer Beatrice Potter was born on 28th July 1886 in London. If you want to know more about her then click on this link.  She was a remarkable woman and not only  wrote but illustrated her books in a most amazing way.    She is famous all over the world.  Everyone must have heard  of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, about that naughty bunny who ran into Mr. Mcgregor's garden and of course The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy Winkle

I made this tatted hedgehog for someone I know in the village where I live who feeds and looks after hedgehogs when they come into his garden at night. And here is the pattern I made the small hedgehog.

The Royal Mint has made these 50p coins to commemorate the life of Beatrice Potter

How many of you grew up with the books of Beatrice Potter?


  1. I only grew up with The Tale of Peter Rabbit, but I am familiar with all the other stories, because I've read them as an adult. They're all delightful! I love the illustrations, and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle is one of my favorite characters because of her name!

    1. Diane the stories are perhaps a bit dated for this generation but they still hold a certain kind of magic, as you say the illustrations just make them so special. Lovely name isn't it! Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle!

  2. Ooh, he's adorable! I have a friend who loves hedgehogs, in fact has one as a pet in her home. She will love this. I wish I had known about the 50p while there but maybe my friend will get one and bring when she visits me. Just two days ago I discovered some of the botanical watercolors that BP painted which are in the V & A - something for my next visit!

  3. I buy all my grandchildren the complete set at their births; my absolute favourite is Mrs Tittlemouse - because she is so wonderfully house proud!

  4. I love them, and shared them with my own children. My oldest daughter made sure she got copies of them to share with her children. I love the way you've chosen to celebrate the day.

  5. Fantastic pattern :) and I love the books and saw the movie too :)

  6. I love your Mrs. Tiggywinkle! I read the books as a child, now my grandchildren are enjoying them.

  7. I only grew up with Peter Rabbit, but as an adult I 'discovered' the other tales and read them. Your hedgehog is very cute.

  8. I adored the stories - had many favorites. The Tale of Two Bad Mice, Mr Jeremy Fisher, Squirrel Nutkin, Tom Kitten (with the ducks), Peter and Benjamin, and of course Mrs. Tiggy Winkle.

    In 1991 I had the pleasure of seeing the original Beatrix Potter letter to her nephew with the Peter Rabbit tale in it at either the V&A or the British Museum. The pen and ink drawings were so darling and cunning!

  9. That is way too cute and thank you for reminding me of the stories that I grew up with and read to my children when they were young.They are stories that will never grow old as long as we pass them on to the next generation.I must admit that I even saw the movie Peter Rabbit.


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