Friday, 28 October 2016

The Ninth Snowflake

Many thanks for the encouraging comments with regard to the eighth snowflake, they came at a time that I was almost going to give up the challenge.  

Martha Ess the Queen of block tatting was a special encouragement and although I took her advice on trying to be a bit more careful with the pressing of this one, unfortunately was in too much of a hurry to get it on the blog!  

 Yes Bernice certainly giving me a lot of practice on techniques!

Jane McLellan thanks for saying that the good thing about a challenge is that you can go onto the next one without perfecting the current one, so true!  

This one is far from perfect as I did not get into the swing of the block tatting straight away as you can see,  but I am thinking about returning to this pattern at a later date. However, next time will use some kinder thread, this was some old and ropey stuff I found in the bottom of a box. It sort of reflected the mood I had got myself into with the challenge.

So as they say 'onwards and upwards' and feeling very convenient about the next few snowflakes. 

Last but not least to my sister who shouts "follow the arrows on the pattern"  will do!


  1. Well you did and it worked!!! RTFM as Nick used to say. Read The F%&*£$G Manual!!!! As he's your cousin too you'll know what the missing letters are!!!!

  2. Martha Ess and your sister both have wonderful tutorials on block tatting. Your snowflake looks good. A 'challenge' is usually done mostly to introduce yourself to something new, so don't worry if it's not perfect the first few times. Better thread would give you nicer-looking results, too. Quite impressive snowflake - you did well.

  3. "Old and Ropey"- love it! But this pattern is not, I think it is lovely. I seem to somehow always manage to get block tatting upside down - which of course, is very noticeable to anyone who tats.
    At our tatting meeting last Saturday, on our Show and Tell table, was a large selection of the snowflakes from this book, all done in pristine white. The tatter said she had gone through the whole book, just as you are doing and it's a lovely collection. She had made some in size 40 - they're very delicate and beautiful in smaller threads too.

  4. Sally, Just think your 1/3 of the way through the book. I'm thankful I don't have a sister who tats :).

  5. Your block tatting looks way better than mine, it might seem and look very easy for some, but I struggle with it. I thing yours looks great!

  6. I like it!!! :) I think you did really good, and I think that block tatting takes lots of practice!! :)

  7. Looks fine to me! And I'm glad the thread was rescued from the box. It's a good Christmas color!


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