Monday, 31 October 2016

The Tenth Snowflake

I really enjoyed making this snowflake and will definitely be tatting it again, probably in white next time.  The end of another month and so I aim to speed up on these snowflakes otherwise they will not be finished before Christmas.

Today is Halloween and we celebrated in a churchyard filling it with light. We carved pumpkins in church, had apple bobbing outside, scary stories and drank hot chocolate. 

Hope you all enjoyed some Halloween fun


  1. What lovely colors for your snowflake!

  2. Your snowflake came out very well. Isn't it interesting how personal our likes are? I didn't particularly enjoy this one, but I really enjoyed #1, #9, and #18. :)

  3. I love the snowflake is that from the book 24 snowflakes cause I think I forgot that one but you make me want to try it. I was not going to do snowflakes this year I was taking a year off, global warming and All

  4. I really like this snowflake. I like the colours too.


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