Sunday, 12 February 2017

Cherry Plum

Some more pop-a-bobbins have just been finished and are ready for their final testing.
Amongst them is this little beauty which I have now claimed as my own.  The wood is from a Cherry Plum tree.

I rarely take one out of the batch but could not resist the markings on this shuttle.  

We have had a lot of frosty mornings over the past month but no snow, well one or two flakes have fallen from the sky but if you blinked you would have missed them.

Here is a rather strange cobweb which I photographed about a week ago.  It was in a hedge outside my office.  It looks rather like a ghost, or may be lots of tangled tatting threads!


  1. Any chance you got to the ones I was asking about? I need a price from you too.

    1. Yes Tim the ones you have asked for are in the batch, I just need to test them and get them packaged and will be come back to you as soon as possible. Just recovering from an illness that has laid me low for a few days.

  2. I love the character in the wood, I can see why you kept it. Its a great picture that you captured toođź’ź

  3. That is a gorgeous shuttle! No wonder you chose it for your own!

  4. That's an amazing cobweb! - well-spotted.I don't blame you for keeping the shuttle, it almost makes you want to stroke it!


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