Friday, 18 August 2017

Another Project

I have been asked to make another doily for someone to give as a Christmas present, but very eager to get started and hopefully finish tatting it well before the festive season.  This is the first two rounds of the pattern I have chosen.  I wonder if any of you can guess whose pattern it is?

And here is the continuing work on what I now know is called Edelweiss, Renulek's doily.


  1. Love that green! Is that a Linda Davies pattern?

    1. Top of the Class Diane, you got it right it is one of Linda's patterns never tried them before, so slightly struggling with the notation.

  2. It's fascinating to see how the first two rounds are formed on Linda's pattern. Kind of mezmerizing!

    And you're also making great progress on the Renulek doily. I'm amazed you're finding the time to do both!

  3. Beautiful start on that doily!! :)


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