Tuesday 13 March 2018

Plodding on!

I have not given up on this rectangular doily, in fact really like tatting it because I am finding Round 7 (the butterfly round) of Renulek's doily rather challenging at the moment. Rather unsure if I am really happy with how it is looking, but will try and persevere with it.

I took this photograph outside on a rather grotty table, the light was failing and the colours are not quite true but it gives you an idea how it is progressing. 

Since posting the pop-a-bobbin shuttles on a few tatting related facebook pages there has been keen interest.  This I find rather surprising as I thought everyone in the 'tatting world' knew about them, but obviously not.  One person from England has emailed me to say she can only find the shuttles in the USA, and how much does it cost to post them from there! On the facebook page I stated that I lived in England so she must think that 'Im in the garage' lives over the pond, have replied and stated that he actually lives with me!  


  1. Oh this looks very perfect 💟 and one of these days I will make a retangular doily 😄

  2. Your doily looks great! I enjoyed the butterfly round of Renulek's doily. I'm plodding along with the next round now. Isn't it interesting that Facebook has raised new awareness about Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles?

  3. That doily is coming along beautifully!!! :)

  4. I laughed about ‘im in the garage being overseas. The rectangular doily looks great.

  5. I found the idea of 'im in the garage' not living with you amusing as well... and as for the shuttles.... beautiful to tat with!! Wood is soooo tactile, it makes you want to use them ALL the time!!

    1. Thanks Sue - it also transpires that the person who thought the shuttles could only be purchased from the USA lives only a few miles from us!


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