Monday 26 March 2018

Pom poms

I am afraid that tatting is very low on my list of projects at the moment, in fact I have only, in the last few days mastered Renulek's butterfly round on her doily. I just could not get the hang of it at first, mainly due to continuing from the previous round which confused me somewhat!  But actually being so slow in making this doily is to my advantage because others have helped with a few useful tips as they have completed each round. 

But this is what I have been doing over the last week in preparation for a children's activity on Friday and an adult craft evening next month. 

It is really a door knob hanger but found it easier to take the photograph dangling from a shelf.

I am using the plastic Clover pom pom makers to make them, much quicker and easier than bits of cardboard or a fork.


  1. My hat is off to all those who come up with clever crafty ideas. This should be fun for the kids! It sounds like hard work for you, though!

  2. What an adorable fuzzy little pompom chick!

  3. Great pompoms!! I love the baby ducky or chicky!! :)

  4. I love pom poms and who dosen't? I love this hanger and would look good from ceiling fan too.
    This duck is sweet sorry your grandchild is so far away and hope you were able to mail something for Easter. So where are you? Compared to Singapore?

    1. My family in Singapore do not celebrate Easter, so they have had no chocolate eggs, it is just an ordinary weekend to them and my son worked. So I gave my neighbour's children some chocolate eggs instead! I live in England its a 13 hour flight to get to see them, but of course we link up regularly over the internet.


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