Thursday 10 October 2019

A necklace

I have been making quite a few snow flakes using this pattern over the weeks, it is of course one of Janes.  Someone saw my collection, which is growing and said that it would make a nice necklace.  So here it is and she is now the proud owner.

I wound together the threads below and the effect is quite stunning.  Actually all the snowflakes I have made have been made by using two threads wound together.  Will try and find where I put them to show you! 

Still have not managed to do anything about the shuttles even though they are tested and packaged ready to go - life is too busy!


  1. Fabulous snowflake pendant!!! :)

  2. When first I saw the center of that snowflake, I thought you had found a 6 pointed plastic star. It must be 6 rice beads. That just shows you how well you made it. The illusion works wonderfully. That is some really nice thread you made, too. The colors fit well.

  3. Very pretty effect, winding a metallic thread with a regular one. The snowflake DOES make a lovely necklace. Lucky recipient. :)

  4. That is stunning 💐 and threads too. I totally here you with the "life" statement

  5. The threads are wonderful! It makes a very good pendant out of the snowflake.


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