Monday 21 October 2019

More snowflakes

Using the same pattern as in the previous blog post I have been making more snowflakes.  Again winding two threads together.  At the moment have a huge amount of sparkly and plain threads and it is just a matter of getting the size right for each one i.e. using 40 and a sewing thread or two 80s, making sure they are not too large or small.   Have also made some really dainty ones using 60 and a sewing thread, those I think will look good on cards, need to experiment with that idea and then show you.

I have even had a chance to use the thread I purchased in Singapore  (coming up next) . Now sent my son off to look for more!   He asked how many do you want I said every colour! As far as I can remember there were not many colour-ways, his face was a picture as he probably imagined that I was talking about dozens of reels of thread!

Actually it has taken me 10 months to use the thread so told him not to hurry to buy more, that is assuming it is still there, do hope so.


  1. Those are really beautiful snowflakes!!! :)

  2. I love this look they are beautiful wonder if you could take a picture of the thread on the spools not sure exactly what the type of thread are

  3. Must be fun deciding which threads to put together.

  4. They're all lovely! I've printed out the pattern, but I haven't started yet. Soon, or so I keep telling myself!


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