Tuesday 29 December 2020

Pearl bead snowflakes

 This will definitely be my last post of 2020 a year that I have not been blogging that much. This is mainly because I did not have a lot to show, tatting seemed to be low on my priority list most of the time.

I have tatted these snowflakes they are not a unique design in anyway but I loved the way they turned out with the Pearl beads. The white one was the first, the red one the second and when I got to the green one the bead placements and thread count was much better. 

I am going to tat a few more of them and then it is back to the special pattern that I am trying to design. I gave up some months ago when things were going horribly wrong with it. 


  1. The snowflakes look lovely and cheery! I like your choice of colors.
    Taking a break from a design can give ideas time to percolate and eyes a chance to see other options. Good luck!

  2. They each look a little different but I like them all.

  3. They are lovely! I hope to see your new design soon!

  4. Have to look twice to see they’re all the same pattern. Good luck with your designing.

  5. Lovely selection, only a very slight difference in the pattern.
    Gorgeous colours.

  6. Love your pearl beaded snowflakes.


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