Wednesday 6 May 2009

Another Sheep Tail!

Baa Black Sheep - Baa Baa White Sheep - Baa Baa Grey Sheep - Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep

It seems Britain could face a critical shortage of professional sheep shearers this year, they usually arrive from Australia and New Zealand in May to give a short back and sides to 200 sheep a day. The dearth of shearers is blamed on British government immigration red tape. The would-be shearers must go to Canberra for fingerprinting, and visas are delayed. All this could mean losses for the farmers and disease for poor unshorn sheep.
However, I doubt anyone would want to shear the poor rainbow sheep! Mark that's your sheep.
Anke yours is the Grey One! Guten Abend


  1. Hi Sally, OOHHH I like all the sheep. What color and kind of thread did you use for the gray one and the rainbow one? I like the rainbow one, she's pretty!

    That's too bad about the sheep shearers. Hope they get that mess straightenedd out soon.

  2. I LIKE IT!!! fits me, as I am colorful too. Jane could use a rainbow sheep too. She is more colorful than me HAHA

    Looks like maybe you used Oliver twist thread(?)


  3. I used an ancient ball of Coats grey cotton for the grey sheep Carol, and yes Mark you are right! I twisted some colour threads together for the rainbow sheep. Ah, but you just wait to see what Jane has got for you all - this is a drum roll....................................for tomorrow!!!

  4. Oh WOW!!!! A sheep ONLY for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank youuuuu!!!!!

  5. Cute sheep! God bless all the sheep, may they all be shorn soon.


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