Tuesday 26 May 2009

Garden Pest

My garden has just started to get it's Summer clothes on, the Spring flowers have disappeared for another year and the young annual plants are trying to make their way into the world. But there is a certain pest that I'm having a battle with at the moment as it keeps eating whatever tender young plants it sees. Yes its the slug! I've tried slug pellets, now I'm attempting to get them high on coffee. Apparently slugs actually "froth" after eating their fill of caffeine which acts as a stimulant even to these little creatures and they slither away on a high! So I just tip the dregs out of my cafetiere onto the garden where the young plants are and "hey presto" the slugs then have their cuppa! There are other methods of reducing slugs, such as filling a container and sinking it in the ground filled with beer, but I think that's a waste of good beer!
As you can see Sid the Scintillating Slug is slinking by the watering can and a few butterflies fly overhead, all designed by Jane. I did go a bit wrong with this watering can, which is why I found it buried amongst some other odd bits of tatting, that I just couldn't throw away!

Talking about odd bits of tatting, I also found, what is supposed to be a dove amongst my bits and pieces. I originally designed and made a few of these doves for some confirmation cards, but didn't really think that the result was good enough, so as tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday I've added a few tongues of fire!


  1. Well, well. I didn't know that slugs like coffee. Must put some round my hosta as they love eating those. Love the dove (that rhymes!!!). Write the pattern down little sis!!!

  2. Thanks for the info on coffee and slugs... can't stand the little critters chewing holes in my hosta! Love the little tatted slug!

  3. Cute! I'm not one for tatting slugs, but that's a cute little garden scene.

  4. i love coffee too! how could a slug like coffee?! LOL but if that solves the slug problem, that's great.

    your tatted garden combo is fun!

  5. A good way to get rid of the slugs is with salt. They melt if you pour it on them. So, if you put a ring of salt around whatever plant, that should keep them away. Your little tatted slug is a cutie. The dove picture didn't show up for me. though... boo hooo...

  6. Well Battatter thanks for the salt tip, I'll try that, yesterday I spread the juice from the Aleo Vera as well as the coffee, what a mess it looks now!!!But those slugs aren't going to get their fill from my garden!
    Just uploaded the dove, it must have temporary flown away!
    Thanks for all the other comments, you obviously still out there!!!!

  7. I do like that little white dove - perfect for cards and little mailings....


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