Sunday 31 May 2009

Weaving God's Glory

On Friday I went to an exhibition entitled "Weaving God's Glory" at Romsey Abbey, which is not far from where I live, it showed the many vestments, altar frontals, kneelers and banners associated with the Abbey, most of these items were made locally by some very gifted needlewomen. Not having permission to put photographs of them on the internet I decided to take a photo of the altar frontal that I helped make about 20 yrs ago for one of the churches I work in. This altar frontal is made out of patchwork and the dove is actually the material that my wedding dress was made out of ......yrs ago. The floral material came from a dress that I wore in the early 1980's when Princess Diana and her attention to frills on clothes were associated with the latest fashion trend.
Today, as I have already said, in the previous post is Pentecost Sunday and this evening we welcomed the Bishop of Winchester to one of our churches for the service of Evensong. The Bishop of Winchester is one of the highest bishops of the country and he preached about his experience of visiting the Congo and meeting people who spoke different languages but worshipped the same God. This was also a service when people from churches of other denominations were also invited, it was truly a memorable evening in a little country church on a warm Summers evening.


  1. That's very pretty! What a lovely way to use the fabric from your wedding dress! I've seen some ladies using their wedding dress to make a mini dress version for a bride doll so they can reclaim the storage space of the bulky dress, but retain the beautiful memory of the actual dress.

  2. Hi TattingChic, lovely to hear from you, actually I still have the complete wedding dress, somewhere!! However, as I made it myself the dove came form a piece of material left over.

  3. I have seen a little book which tells you how to construct and embroider altar kneelers; I was tempted to buy it, I notice that it's been heavily reduced now!
    But first I would have to learn how to embroider, I never progressed beyond cross stitch!

  4. HI Sally! THe quilted piece with the dove is lovely. How special that the quilt has a piece of your wedding dress material in it.

    And what an honor that the Bishop of Winchester was there too! I'm sure it was a special evening.


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