Tuesday 11 August 2009

Bumble Bees

On the news today here in Britain we were told to encourage bees into our gardens by putting out water flavoured with sugar. The honey bees in the UK need an extra bit of help as 40% of them have been lost in the past four years and the number of species of British bumblebees has halved since the 1950s. The bees have been leaving their hives in droves, resulting in a serious drop in honey production. Apparently this is happening all over the world. We should be alarmed by the bee’s decline – after all, the honeybee account for 80% of all pollination so food production could be seriously damaged.

Now I have a friend who loves bees, she talks to them and when they land on her she even strokes them. She is a church flower arranger so obviously is used to the little critters!

I tatted some "Itty-Bitty Bumble Bees" from Martha Ess's book "New Critters on the Block" although I've had the book for ages this is the first time that I have ever made anything from it. Mainly because I thought I wouldn't understand the patterns - sorry Martha that's no reflection on your designs just that I'm so used to Jane's!

The bumble bees are pinned to a bees wax candle. I then decided to chase the bees around my garden and next doors (who came out to see what I was doing!) and these pictures are the results. You can just about see a bee in the natursiums and a few on the lavender. They were extremely difficult to photograph as they were so busy collecting the pollen.

There is also a picture of the mascot for the local Air Ambulance, they use a Bee because their call sign is "Alpha-Bravo" ABee! He is sitting on a jar of local honey, there is also another bees wax candle which came from Ireland, the smell of the wax is beautiful, I wish you could smell it!


  1. So cute! I haven't tatted Martha's bees yet.

  2. We have loads of bumblebees in the garden but narry a one honey bee.....do you?

  3. Those bees look absolutely, realistically perfect on the candle!
    It's supposed to be good luck, if you discover a beehive in your garden, and isn't there an old custom which says that if you have any significant happenings in your life, you have to "tell it to the bees"?
    We have horrible paper wasps in our backyard, they are prone to stinging at the least provocation, and they like to congregate in the nooks and crannies of the canvas chairs outside, so that one has to be extremely vigilant when unfolding them!
    Black and orange and not nice, I would never want to tat one.

  4. And I ought to have added that because of the years of drought here, there's a dire shortage of honey. It's become almost a luxury item in the supermarkets. We are so lucky to have a neighbour who keeps bees, their honey is made from pollen gathered from the local gum trees, and it's dark and delicious!

  5. Hi Gina so many patterns to choose from aren't there in tatland?! Tatskool - I think my neighbours havethe honey bees! Yea Maureen I've heard that expression "tell it to the bees" Honey is very expensive to buy here now, we used to get a lot from Australia - but no more, so know the reason why! But you are lucky having a local supply and it sounds wonderful.
    St. Bartholomew was/is the patron saint of bees and his feast day is on 24th August, may be he could do something about the situation!!!

  6. Hi Sally, Lovely photos with the bees!! I also like the tatted bees.

    We have seen less bees here in the states too. We also need the bees to polinate, we didn't have as many blueberries and cherries and we feel it is due to lack of bees. I have even started thinking of becoming a bee keeper. I need to do some research on it first.

    Thanks for visiting at my blog. I appreciate your comments.

    Have a great day!!

  7. Hi Carol apparently this plastic beehive is supposed to be the "in thing" over here, you can put it anywhere!

  8. Those bees are darling. I'm going to have to check out the pattern.

  9. Your bees are very cute and what a fantastic candle! We are also experiencing a loss of honey bees here in my little corner of the planet due to colony collapse. I've seen plenty bees, but very few honey bees this year.

  10. Oh, do I love bees...yes I do! My Dad used to "keep" bees and harvest the honey. He has passed, but I still have bees in the hive every year, though I don't steal the honey. I love the tatted ones you did, so cute! Great Job

  11. Hi Sally, this is informative and interesting. I love this bee by Martha, tatted a number at a time!


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